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Replacing a broken manhole cover

A Plus paving services can provide replacement manhole/drain covers to homes and businesses in Sussex.

Broken manhole covers can be at best look a mess and at worst be dangerous. As they get old they tend to get brittle and once they have broken, manhole covers need to be replaced.

A Plus paving services can replace your broken manhole cover and make good the surrounding area to ensure your new manhole cover remains stable and unbroken for years to come.

If you are replacing an old cover you may find the size does not match those currently available from local builders merchants or shops. A Plus paving we can usually provide you with a replacement manhole cover of the correct size or resize the surround and frame to fit one of the standard size manhole covers.

There is a wide range of manhole covers made in a variety of materials – normally steel, iron, fibreglass or plastic. The recommended material will depend on the amount of use and weight that the manhole cover is exposed to. A cover in a back garden or pedestrian area will not need the 'load capacity' of a cover in a drive way where heavy vehicles may drive over it!

If you re replacing a manhole cover in a patio or driveway you may want a recessed manhole cover. A recessed manhole cover is a metal tray that you can lay tiles or scree in to match the area surround it. These are the least conspicuous of drain cover replacements. A Plus paving can replace inside or outside broken drain/manhole covers.

If you have a broken manhole and want to get an idea of the cost of replacement firstly measure the manhole cover. To do this you don't actually measure the manhole cover itself but the 'frame'. If it is difficult for you to remove the manhole cover to get an accurate measurement then simply call us to discuss your options.

The measurement we need is the distance across the inside of the frame (width and length).

Secondly, take a photograph of the broken manhole cover showing the area immediately surrounding the manhole cover – this will give us a good idea of how much work will need to be done to make the area 'good' again.

e-mail these images to us at

Who is responsible for the repair of manhole covers?

If the manhole cover is in your property boundary it is the property owners responsibility. If you rent your property it is the owner (landlord) of the property who is responsible for the manhole cover.

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